FIFA 15 is out and in shelves already. Released near the start of the champions league, the game contains a few tactical tweaks, whether it is the new goalkeeping features, or the well-anticipated emotional intelligence, the game has not failed to impress the ordinary fan.


  • Dynamic Match Presentation- match day will have more relevant fans, new celebrations, reactions and commentrary customized to your club.
  • Improved team management- rotate between 5 formations set for your team.
  • Overpowered goalkeepers- Goalkeepers are now fast and furious. No more slow charging, no more stupid reaction times, goalkeepers are now strong at the heart of your team.
  • New team styles- park the bus, go all out attack or time waste!
  • Live Pitches: Pitches wear down as the match passes on!

Player Ratings

As we all know, FIFA 15’s new features are good but not revolutionary. The real deal is about player ratings. Champions league winners Real Madrid, overhauled Barcelona, ever dormant German Giants Bayern Munich are all back, with changes. These Player Ratings never fail to attract controversy, so I will be looking at the top 3 Overrated players, and top 3 underrated players, as well as a special Chief Siddharth mention!

Overrated Players

Yes, it’s time to lash out at those with ratings they didn’t deserve.

Enough beating around the bush the first overrated player is Luis Suarez! Don’t take me wrongly, Suarez is a great player but believe me, 89 is far too high a rating.

Overrated Ratings: Weak Foot, defensive work rate, 87 shot AND 88 dribbling.

Luis Suarez. The man who bit Georgio Chiellini, but also the man who tore apart Premier League Defenses last season. Apart from crushing Arsenal, Sunderland, Manchester United and also going full throttle on Manchester City, the Uruguayan also put on a great show at the world cup. However, despite having expert ball control, he is hardly the man who runs circles around defenses. 89 is too much. Maybe 88 or 87 would be more suitable overalls but seriously… 89 makes him nearly god-like. Maybe lowering some ratings should put him on par with his true rating.

Changes Needed: 3 star weak foot, 84 shooting and a low defensive work rate will cap it off.

Verdict: An overall of 88 or 87 would be more suitable. 

Haven’t seen Luis Suarez? Check him out here


Xavi is the next overrated player. The man is aging. 34 years old, and he can barely stay match fit.  Hardly surprising. However at the age of 34, giving a player 91 passing when his creativity is deteriorating, as well as 85 dribbling is nonsense. 86 is too high when its clear that he does not impact matches. His work rate is understandable although a medium-low work rate would be more realistic. Xavi is far past his prime, it is clear that he should be an 82 or 83 if not 80 now.

Overrated Ratings: Passing, dribbling, work rates and overall.

Verdict: Should be 80-83 he is no longer worthy of 86. 

Season Stats: 0 goals and assists in 204 minutes of football, as well as none in preseason. Only 2 starts, he is falling out of favor at the Camp Nou as well. 

You can see why over here:

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard is of course a great talent. Termed the next Cristiano Ronaldo, Hazard has been attempting to live up to his name. His outlay of 1 goal and an assist in 6 games this season does not suggest so. Hazard’s outlay at the world cup was also average. It doesn’t take a professor to put this together and realize that 88 is too much for this starlet. Maybe an overall or two down would be more fair.

Overrated Statistics: Dribbling, work rate, passing. 

Hazard is great at dribbling but 91 is going too high. Whether it is Jose Mourinho or who question his defensive duties, the fact is Hazard has a low defensive work rate which has been exaggerated in this game. So has his passing. Hardly the maestro with extraordinary vision, Hazard’s passing looks at home around 80. Some scaling down should do the trick.

Season Statistics: 14 goals in 2013-14. 

Verdict: Hazard should be 87, with 88 dribbling, 80 passing and a low defensive work rate. 

He isn’t too bad himself though-

Thats it for the overrated players! Time to move on to underrated players.

Underrated Players

Justice is served my dear readers.

Gareth Bale

 The man who started off as an injured overpriced joke last season went on to score key goals in the Champions League and Copa Del Rey final. Hardly surprising. But his overall of 87 is under par.

Season Statistics: 22 goals, 16 assists 2013-14. 6 appearances, 4 goals and an assist this season. 

 Astonishing statistics considering how long he was injured. Better than eden hazard by far, and that is even after playing second fiddle to Cristiano Ronaldo. Bale has long been touted the heir to Ronaldo at Real Madrid, and his stunning start to life at Real Madrid helps.

Underrated Ratings: Shooting, he is a long shot and free kick monster. 83 passing is also slightly low but overall, 88 shooting would be more realistic.

Verdict: Bale’s shooting played a major role in his season at Real, and it should be increased to 88. His overall should be 88 or 89, despite a position change.

Think I’m blabbering? Check out Bale’s wonder goals. Must Watch!

Angel Di Maria

Angel Di Maria is a wonder man. Man of the match in the Champion’s League Final. Touted as Real Madrid’s best player when he was at the club in 2014 by Diego Simeone, the Manchester United man recieved a meager 86!

Outrageous Statistics: 79 Stamina for the man who covers the most ground in offense and defense is extremely shameful. 90 pace is low for the man who can speed past the world’s fastest full backs. 89 crossing is equally humiliating as he is the world’s best set piece crosser. 

Di Maria made the run that won Real Madrid the champions League final. A lung bursting run when other players could barely break a sprint.. 79 stamina does no justice.

Verdict: 92 pace, improved stamina and 94 crossing are required. 

Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller. Hat trick against Portugal to get his countries campaign started. Part of the 7-1 crushing of Brazil. Thomas Muller emphasizes Germany and Bayern Munich’s International dominance more than almost any player. But EA have committed a sin in giving him an 85 rating! 80 dribbling, 84 shot, 82 passing are all average ratings for this extraordinary player!

Underrated Statistics: Everything except pace is lacking. 

Verdict: Muller deserves nothing below an 87. His performances for Bayern Munich and Germany are outstanding.

Honorary Mentions

Players to watch out for: James Rodriguez, Arjen Robben, Luka Modric, Bastian Schweinstiger, Manuel Neur, Ivan Rakitic.

Other Underrated Players: Toni Kroos, Xabi Alonso, Jese Rodriguez, Koke, Diego Costa, Yaya Toure. 

Most Overpowered Player: Cristiano Ronaldo

Must Watch!

Next Post: Gotham, a review coming soon!


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