Top Strikers In World Football- An Analysis of Roles

Robert Lewandowski was the difference in Dortmund’s narrow 4-3 aggregate win over Real Madrid in 2013

Strikers are the key to a team. Not every team has a Cristiano Ronaldo to bring in 50-60 goals every season at left wing. Nor do they have a Zinedine Zidane to score outrageous goals like these.

Types of Strikers:

  • Lone Striker– Works best alone, fed by the team.
  • Provider– Sets up players with more flair for goals.
  • Poacher–  Fed by the team as the well, but can score goals with pure flair.
  • All Rounder- Can do a bit of everything, and bring in the goals as well, plays alone or with a partner.

Pele is among the top, all round strikers the football world has seen. Top football teams require a world class striker to bring in the goals. Not everyone is a Pele but we have definitely seen some mad talent in the past season.

Who are the best strikers? What are they good at? Time to find out.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Type of Striker: Poacher

Characteristics: Strong, good with all set-pieces, has a crazy shot. 

Strengths: His strength (haha), aerial threat and ability to score from any situation. 

Where better to start than with the most flair- filled striker in world football. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the highest rated striker on FIFA 15 and is one of the best in the world. (Messi is a centre forward, and is skill-less). Apart from scoring outrageous weak foot long shots and bicycle kicks, Ibrahimovic consistently scores goals that defy all odds. Zlatan, at the age of 31 has also not lost much of his prowess either, being 90 overall. Although EA was very strict with his 5 star skills being reduced to 4 star.

How to play him in FIFA: Ibrahimovic is virtually invincible in the air. He can win headers against any defender. An ideal tactic is to deploy him deep and have wingers pace through the wings and cross it. Ibrahimovic can also be used to do some neat dribbles. Also try creating gaps for him to utilize his long shot. Formations: 4-2-3-1, 4-1-4-1, 4-3-3. One striker formations ideal.

Luis Suarez

Type of Striker: Primarily All Round but can operate as Lone Striker or Poacher.

Characteristics: Clinical finishing, all roundness

Strengths: Dribbling, shooting, adaptability to multiple play styles, finishing.

Luis Suarez is the second best striker in FIFA 15 by rating. As you can see his dribbling and shot are extraordinary, and are backed up with decent passing and speed. Suarez is 27 and around his prime, and scores absolutely phenomenal goals. He performs not only as a lone striker but can play perfectly well with another- as indicated with his successful partnership with Daniel Sturridge at Liverpool and Edinson Cavani with Uruguay. Whether he will succeed with a Lionel-Messi worshipping Barcelona is another story.

How to play in FIFA: The goalkeeper update means his finishing is more crucial than ever. He can be deployed as a right or left striker in a dual striker formation, or a single striker. Bulking the midfield depends on the player, with 3-5-2 and 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 being fine, depending on a players ability to take/create chances and win the midfield battle. His primary weakness is strength and heading, so crossing it again and again won’t work, and a more centralized approach is needed.

Karim Benzema

Type of Striker: Provider, sometimes Poacher

Characteristics: Counterattacking, all roundness.

Strengths: Selflessness, epic passes, all rounded ability, improves team chemistry. 

You may be wondering why an 85 rated Karim Benzema is on the list of top strikers. However, it is kind of obvious. Karim Benzema is the finest example of a provider, or a selfless striker who helps other flair filled players to score. Karim Benzema is a vital part of the BBC- Bale Benzema Cristiano. He provides assists to his fellow strikers and rather than hauling in buckets of goals, Benzema instead improves Real’s attacks by feeding Ronaldo and Bale. This makes him a crucial attacking component.

Benzema also has a poacher side. This was visible in the World Cup, as Benzema fired shots left right and center at his opposing goalkeepers, proving vital for France.

How to Play Him in FIFA: Benzema can be played as a lone striker and used to set up Ronaldo and Bale and other pacy wingers. However, firing crosses and through balls at him will not provide the output of a specialist such as Suarez. Use him as a maestro in attack. Works with any formation that has a significant supporting cast of forwards. (Example 4-3-3).

Benzema’s vitality is visible here for Real Madrid.

Visit the above video for Benzema at Real, and Benzema at France is right below.

Benzema- the poacher

Robert Lewandowski

Type of Striker: All Rounder

Characteristics: All roundness (heavy emphasis)

Strengths: Combination of height, pace, shot, dribbling and strength with decent passing.

Robert Lewandowski is the most all rounded striker in world football. This may not be the case on FIFA, but widespread opinion suggests he is the best striker in the world. Hardly surprising. Lewandowski’s stunning ability to decide games, and play in multiple game styles is amazing. Whether it is counter- attacking, possession playing or heavy pressing the Polish Man can do it. Watch him at Bayern, he is yet to hit top form or his prime. His heavy all round ability, which is good (not at the level of Cristiano Ronaldo though) helps him a lot. However, Lewandowski’s finishing, ball control are extraordinary.

How to Play in FIFA: Lewandowski isn’t 99 at all ratings, so he will struggle to take on specific defenders. Deploy him depending on the opposition. Feed him with long balls on the counter against Barcelona, or dribble a bit and take on opposition players against Manchester City. He will be crucial against heavy defenses, as he has a knack of taking any chances.

Lewandowski was the difference when Dortmund beat Real Madrid 4-3. Real created more chances but Lewandowski ensure Dortmund made the most of their own.

Honorary Mentions: 

Diego Costa: The man is the perfect hybrid between a Poacher and Lone Striker. He can hold the ball well on his own and dribble, but can also take the crosses and corners. He is a Zlatan Ibrahimovic mixed with Luis Suarez. More physical though. No wonder Atletico looked toothless in their first few games without him ( they are awesome now though).

Radamel Falcao: Another Atletico graduate, the man was the main striker who’s shoes were filled by Costa when he left. Falcao’s great shooting and strength make him a great poacher.

Sergi Aguero: Didn’t play well in the World Cup where Lionel Messi was the main man for Argentina. On the other hand Aguero is a predator against Premier League defenses. His pace, willingness to tussle with brawny defenders and good finishing make him useful.


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  1. yusuf · October 1, 2014

    Nicely done chief. Keep up the good work. Loved the analysis of each player and relation with fifa.


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