Yu-Gi-Oh – An Introduction

Hey guys, Chief Siddharth here. Today I will be doing my introduction on Yu-Gi-Oh the trading card game. Baba Phillips has been postponed temporarily as a series due to certain issues in production, so I’ve decided to post on the best card game, for which I have great interest. I have been following it for 10 years, and hopefully everyone else starts playing too.

Why Should I Play Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yu-Gi-Oh is a popular trading card game. From generation one cards such as Blue Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician, to modern cards such as Artefacts, Yu-Gi-Oh has quite the history of cards! Apart from certain cards attracting major prices, Yu-Gi-Oh provides great business and trading opportunity, as well as a good strategic tussle between players. But its not this that makes Yu-Gi-Oh so special, but the possibilities. 6693 different cards at last count is impressive, and the total must exceed 10,000 different cards by now. With so many cards the possibilities are endless. thousands of deck styles can be created! How you duel and create them is up to you.

How to Play

I strongly recommend watching the anime of Yu-Gi-Oh to understand this. First watch ordinary duels in Yu-Gi-Oh generation 1 and then work on the strategic duels. Those strategic duels will help you get a fix on how to approach dueling situations, and different card combinations.

Overview points

These are simple, refer to website below for more, ask me any questions!

  • In Yu-Gi-Oh everyone starts off with something called Life Points. These are similar to health, and the duel is lost when a player loses his life points.
  • The game is played on the field where cards are set in various positions, or ‘summoned.’
  • This game is called dueling where two players use their respective decks and summon cads against eachother.
  • Each player has a deck consisting of 40-60 cards from which he draws 5 cards at the start, and then one per turn. (Although rare, if a player has no deck to draw from, he loses).
  • There are 3 type of cards a player can summon. These are spell cards, trap cards and monster cards. (There are different types of these also, but that will be covered later). The methods and combinations of cards can initiate moves, combinations and drive a player in a duel.
  • A player can lose life points in two ways. Through battle- when monsters attack eachother or another player directly. Also, card effects can make a player lose (and gain) life points.
  • The duel functions such that players take turns (alternating) and makes their moves. A move contains multiple phases.
  • Parts of the playing field where the duel is played- spell and trap zone, monster zone, field card zone, extra deck zone, graveyard and deck spaces. 

I’m sure you have many questions, and may be clueless

The basic knowledge about Yu-Gi-Oh can be obtained here: http://www.yugioh-card.com/tw/howto/beginner.php?lang=en

I recommend downloading the official rulebook of the website above, and if anyone has questions post a comment and I will take the initiative to post pictures of the rule book on the blog. Also post a comment asking any questions and I will answer.

How to duel and where to place cards, make moves here: http://www.wikihow.com/Play-Yu-Gi-Oh!

More specific questions? Try this: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Basic_Gameplay_FAQ

Anything else, ask me!

Yu-Gi-Oh Anime generations

Generation 1: Yu-Gi-Oh- follows Yugi Moto, the Egyptian God Cards and more. The best storyline among all anime in Yugioh, I recommend you watch the duels of the century here! Special Cards: Egyptian God Cards. Setting: Worldwide. Ritual Summoning is used more in this than other generations.

Generation 2: Yugioh GX: follows Jaden Yuki, as he goes to the Duel Academy. Special Cards: Sacred Beasts. Setting: Duel Academy. Fusion monsters are promoted here.

Generation 3: Yugioh 5Ds: follows Yusei in a world where people duel on motorcycles! Turbo dueling is introduced. Special Cards: Earthbound Immortals, Signer Dragons, Dark Synchros (dark synchros are anime only).

Generations 4 and 5 bring less changes and are less followed. Exceeds are introduced.

Start building your decks! Once you understand, I will be posting on Yu-Gi-Oh dueling styles and personal favourite decks!

Check out this website to build your deck: http://www.wikihow.com/Build-a-Yugioh-Deck-That-Suits-You?utm_source=gCoRe&utm_medium=bottom_related&utm_campaign=gcrab

All the best! Check out this duel!



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