Yu-Gi-Oh: Powerful Monsters and Cards In Each Generation (1-3)


Hey guys, Chief Siddharth here. This is my third post in the Yu-Gi-Oh series, and I figured that I could make posts about the anime so that people understand the size of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game, and learn more about cards. But then, there are so many powerful cards! Where to begin? That’s why this post will be about different monster types that are introduced in different generations, and the all-powerful cards everyone is talking about in each generation too! Here we go.

My post will be ordered from generation to generation. It is best if everyone read my previous post, or has knowledge about Yu-Gi-Oh.

The Egyptian God Cards’ legend goes beyond the first generation

Generation 1: Yu-Gi-Oh

Special Monsters: Ritual Summon Monsters

Ritual summon monsters are monsters with a blue color background (not like the monster above, that is different). They are summoned with a specific spell card which has an effect and condition. This allows you to summon the card from your Extra deck if the cost is payed. Ritual summon monsters generally have powerful effects.

Examples: Relinquished, Paladin the White Dragon, Black Luster Soldier, Magician of Black Chaos, Imperial Majest.

Trademark Cards: Originals such as Blue Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, Orichalcos cards. 

All powerful cards: The Egyptian God Cards

The Egyptian God cards were created by Maximillion Pegasus, who grew afraid of their power. Originally unveiled by Marik Ishtar, the god cards contain unique powers and effects. They are listed below.

NOTE: These only apply for the anime.

Obelisk the Tormentor: Originally controlled by Seto Kaiba, it is  the weakest god in the anime at times, but the only one with a fixed number of attack points. It also has the ability to gain infinite attack for one turn, destroying all monsters on the oppnent’s side of the field in the process. Like other god cards in the anime, it cannot be targeted by other card effects.

Slifer the Sky Dragon: Controlled by Yugi Moto, this all-powerful creature’s attack and defense points is equal to the number of cards in one’s hand x 1000. Making it unstoppable at times, and useless as well, this is an interesting feature of Slifer the Sky Dagon. It also subtracts 2000 attack points from any monster on your opponent’s side of the field that is summoned when Slifer is on the field. It destroys any monster with less than 2000 attack as well, and cannot be targeted by card effects.

The Winged Dragon of Ra: The most powerful god in the anime, Ra is considered a class above Obelisk and Slifer. Originally controlled by Marik Ishtar. In the anime, when Ra is summoned it’s attack and defense is equal to the total attack and defense of the monsters used to summon it. Overpowered, no doubt. You can also sacrifice all but 100 lifepoints and add any sacrificed life to Ra’s attack, enabling a one hit kill of your opponent. And finally, at the cost of 1000 lifepoints Ra can destroy any card on your opponent’s side of the field, even if it is another God card. Additionally, it also cannot be targeted by card affects.

Of course, their devastating affects were weakened for the trading card game. Otherwise they would be unbeatable. But the God cards are the hallmark of the first generation of Yu-Gi-Oh, and were part of plots in the forthcoming generations too.

The creator of light: Horakhty- the fused version of the three god cards. The player who summons this wins the duel.

Have a look at all the cards yourself

Yugioh Generation 2: Yugioh GX

Special Monsters: Fusion monsters (promoted but not introduced)

Fusion monsters are monsters which are summoned by combining two other monsters. This can be done using any card that has such an effect, commonly ‘Polimerization.‘ The fused monster is powerful, but usually is stronger when more monsters are needed for fusion. They have lots of attack points as well.

Trademark Cards: Elemental heroes. 

Example: VWXYZ dragon catapult cannon, Blue eyes ultimate dragon, thousand eyes restrict, dark paladin.

All powerful cards: The sacred beasts

Widely considered the little brothers of the god cards, these creatures also have unique effects listed below.

Hamon the Lord of Striking Thunder: Must be summoned by sacrificing three face up continuous spell cards, inflicts thousand damage to your opponent every-time it destroys a monster, and if in defense mode, must be targeted for attacks. 4000 attack and defense. Some Similarities to Ra.

Uria, Emperor of Divine Flames: Can only be summoned by its own effect or sending three trap cards to the graveyard. 1000 attacks points for each trap in the graveyard. Can destroy a set spell or trap once per turn (cannot be countered). If it is destroyed, special summon it by discarding a trap card. Similar appearance to Slifer the Sky Dragon.

Raviel Lord of Phantasms: Can only be special summoned by tributing 3 fiend type monsters. Special summon a phantasm token (1000 attack) everytime your opponent summons a monster. Once per turn, tribute a monster and Raviel gains that monsters attack till the end phase. Similar appearance to Obelisk the Tormentor.

Overpowered indeed, and hard to summon.

Their fusion is called Armityle the Chaos Phantom. It’s effect is overpowered. Banish the sacred beasts to special summon it. It’s effect? it gains 10,000 attack during your turn! It cannot be destroyed by battle either.

Unlike the God cards, the sacred beasts are considered Evil in the anime.

The Signer Dragons. Red Dragon Archfiend (top left), Power Tool Dragon (Top right), Black Rose Dragon (bottom left), Stardust Dragon(bottom), Ancient Fairy Dragon (bottom right). The large fiery dragon is the Crimson Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh Generation 3: Yugioh 5Ds

Special Monsters: Synchros/Synchro Monsters

Synchro Monsters are monsters with extraordinary ability. To summon a synchro monster, you must ‘tune‘ or tribute two monsters. One must be a tuner monster, which can be recognized in its effect. The other must be a non-tuner monster, which can be any monster that does not have ‘tuner’ in its effect. Also, the sum of the levels, or stars of both the monsters must be equal to that of the synchro monster. Synchro Monsters have a white background unlike any other monster. They also have special effects, and are useful in duels.

Examples: The signer dragons (shown above), Arcanite Magician, Leo the Keeper of the Sacred Tree, Colossal Fighter, Junk Warrior.

Dark Synchros- These are a form of Synchro monsters, however they are all:

  • Harder to summon, as you must Subtract the level of the non-tuners from that of a dark tuner which is also a special type of monster. Therefore, the dark tuner must be of high level or you need to level it up to summon a Dark Synchro.
  • They are all dark attribute. Self explanatory.
  • Dark Synchros are much more powerful. Extraordinary effects that rival that of Sacred Beasts are present.

Some Dark Synchros include Frozen Fitzgerald, Zeman the Ape King, Hundred Eyes Dragon and Underground Arachnid.

Red Nova Dragon is arguably the most powerful Synchro It is the strongest carnation of Red Nova Dragon

Trademarks: The Signer Dragons

The Signer Dragons are the 5 protagonist’s dragons in the Yugioh 5Ds anime. They each have a unique ability.

Stardust Dragon: Can negate any effect destroying a card by tributing itself, and then special summons itself in the end phase. Other Forms: Shooting Star Dragon, Stardust Spark Dragon and Stardust Dragon Assault Mode.

Red Dragon Archfiend: Destroys all of your opponent’s defense position monsters, and has 3000 attack points. Other Forms: Red Dragon Archfiend Assault Mode, Red Nova Dragon.

Ancient Fairy Dragon: Can destroy an existing field spell card and help you draw another from your deck, as well as normal summon an extra time for free. Other form: Ancient Fairy Dragon Assault Mode

Power Tool Dragon: Can help you get equip spell card into your hand. Other form: Power Tool Dragon Assault mode

Black Rose Dragon: Can clear the field by destroying all cards. Other form: Black Rose Dragon Assault Mode


Assault Mode: A form of almost every Synchro monster. They are effect monsters. Summoned by tributing the normal monster, the assault mode monster functions as a second life for synchros. A particularly useful combo is that of Black Rose Dragon Assault mode, which can obliterate any deck, including Artifacts

Earthbound Immortals: these are overpowered creatures (effect monsters) which can take control of a duel. They can only be summoned and kept on the field when there is a field spell card. However, none can be targeted for attacks and all can attack your life points directly.

Examples: Earthbound Immortal ccapac apu, chachu challhua, wiraqocha rasca.

Well, thats it for this post guys. Check out my other posts, like, subscribe, leave a comment and share this with your friends. My next post will be on FIFA 15 where I will be doing a team spotlight. Thanks.

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  6. Arran Vid · February 13, 2016

    Hi sorry but in my opinion EXODIA aka The Forbidden One is the best in gen 1 (not the Egyptian God Cards) & this is because of Exodia’s instant win ability once he’s on the field (something that the E Gods aren’t powerful enough to do). I think it says in the manga that Exodia has infinite atk too whereas E Gods don’t. Yeah he has been separated into 5 cards but he’s the best monster hands down, he’s the best monster out of all gens so far (I hate Horakhty & Zorc only beat Exodia because a weak old man powered him so he wasn’t at full potential perhaps). The most powerful single card however in gen 1 (as Exodia is 5 cards) imo is Slifer.


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