Beating the Meta

Hey guys, Chief Siddharth here. Today’s post will be looking at cards which accomplish something which many cards fail to do- beat the meta. 

There are anti meta decks, then there are anti meta cards. The latter usually fits into the former. But the latter can probably be fitted into many normal decks nowadays.  I present to you the cards that can effectively shield you or help you defeat our meta decks. The list will contain widely splashable cards that shouldn’t tamper with your own strategy too. Certain cards have restrictions, but I’m simply presenting what I find to be a diverse choise of side deck cards. 

NOTE: The cards will be given a ‘good against’ and ‘bad against’ section. If a meta deck isn’t present in the list, assume that it is neither good nor bad against that deck. 
Fire and Ice Hands

Fire and Ice Hands pack a real punch. These guys float themselves on the field, and allow easy card advantage through their removal. They defined anti meta and HAT up till moralltach’s limiting, but remain a force to be reckoned with. They’re even main decked in Nekroz decks at times! Maining or siding 2 in a permitting normal summon deck should be just right. 

Good Against: Qliphorts, Infernoids, Tellarknights

Bad Against: Masked Heroes 

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Mr. Gorz is not a duelist’s mainstream anti meta card. But who needs to be mainstream? This card was pulled away from its limited list and is at 2. In a deck which runs minimal back row, this guy can protect you from the soaring qliphorts, swarming necloths and even the ultra-aggressive burning abyss deck. There is no monster that can give such a strong answer to OTKs, with tragoedia being a little average at times. Maining 2 or even 1 wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

Good Against: Qliphorts, Nekroz, Burning Abyss

Pretty decent against every deck really

Ojama Trio

Another jewel against the meta. It summons 3 tokens your opponent’s side of the field, clogging up his field and preventing him from swarming before removing those tokens. These tokens can backfire against decks that use tuners well, so be wary before thinking of main decking this card. Side decking both copies (its at 2) would be recommended. Decks like qlips have no way past this card barring the odd dark hole or torrential. It works superbly well with kaiser colosseum too. 

Good Against: Qliphorts, Infernoids, Tellarknights, Masked Heroes, Nekroz

Bad Against: Burning Abyss, Shaddolls (Main tuners)

This card is relatively unheard of. Metaion the timelord is a fairly rare card when you listen to the whispers of the dueling community. However, it beats apoqliphort towers and can devastate well developed fields. This is a format where recurrability and destruction are in the same picture. Who better than metaion to compulsorily evacuate your opponent’s field, and deal some burn damage? Its like a mini-exciton knight. Careful against burning abyss though, their arsenal of traps always has a surprise or two, and its just a rearguard defense against qli. 

Good Against: Shaddolls,Tellarknights, Heroes, Nekroz

Bad Against: Nothing much… yosenju isn’t a great option.

Shared Ride

Before, burning abyss shaddolls and qliphorts would search a bit. But now, with masked heroes and necloths proving to be a searching hindrance (particularly the 5 times a turn nekroz), shared ride has gained a lot of value. Last I checked, it was 10 dollars a piece. This card can prevent certain trouble, and is probably a better maxx “c”, but be careful against heroes because of a certain dark law. Side 2 or 3. Mind Drain is an alternative to this card for the necloth matchup though. 

Good Against: Nekroz, Qliphorts

Bad Against: Masked Heroes (Dark Law offsets any benefit)


Last but not least is debunk. This card is a 1 for 1 exchange, but its benefits have been so far invisible to the Yugioh community. Debunk is solid against any deck in the meta barring 2, and even there it has certain uses. Furthermore, its a counter trap, so no trap stun and royal decree nonsense either. Debunk can provide an abrupt end to almost any decks often routine searches. 

Good Against: Nekroz, Infernoids, Masked Heroes, Burning Abyss and Shaddolls

Not so good against : Tellarknights (barring star seraphs) and Qliphorts 

Those were probably the most splashable cards you could use in your deck without turning it into a full-blown anti meta deck, or making it too alien for your strategy. Stay tuned for more posts, and as usual, leave a like, comment and subscribe. 


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