The Yugioh Gold Mine

      The transition from amateur to professional, competitive play can be a tough one for most players. Apart from a new pressure to perform, the amount of work and knowledge one needs to have about Yugioh itself increases. A lot. Not everyone has it easy. 

      This post is being written with the aim of giving more players a chance to increase their knowledge in relation to this game. Too often the best Yugioh knowledge is hidden away in the depths of the internet, and takes some unravelling to reach. Nevertheless, Chief Sid presents the Yugioh Gold Mine. 

     This list should be useful to all players who are looking to become experienced, hard-to-beat players. Basic Yugi-knowledge and vocabulary is necessary though. 

The Yugioh Gold Mine Contents-

  • Meta Characterization and Analysis
  • Mathematics Behinds the Cards
  • Card Choice Advice
  • Yugioh History and Patterns of Card Releases
  • Tournament Reports and Results
  • How much to read/watch/follow the resources provided.

The above topics are/were generally covered in the blogs and youtube channels listed below. The actual link to the site is situated at the bottom of its description/review. Time to dive in.


Yugiold is likely the greatest Yugioh blog to have hit the internet. Written by a cancer doctor, the blog revolves around the misadventures and discoveries of this curious player in the Yugiworld. The fact that he had a degree in mathematics only served for more exploration. Yugiold provides wonderful insight into this beautiful card game. Philosophically, it attempts to answer card choices in a dignified manner. Mathematically, it provides excellent statistics which every player must know. I myself found my card choices revolve around these reliable statistics. 

Ultimately, Yugiold is the blog which this blog originally aspired to be, at least in the Yugioh section. However, posting quality content on a weekly basis isn’t as easy as it sounds. Only a handful of posts on this blog are of similar Yugiold caliber. 

To get the best experience out of this website, read it from the first post in 2013 to the last post in 2015. Ordered. 


Recommended Sections:

As one can see, this is essentially the epitome of Yugioh analysis. Parts of it should be taken with a small pinch of salt, but enjoy. 

To top it off, here is Yugiold’s very own tribute article. 

Alter Reality Games Articles

ARG has its very own article section. Many duelists should know this. Why? This website houses articles written and edited by none other than the best players to grace this game. Patrick Hoban, Frazier Smith and other ARG and even YCS toppers (on a regular basis that too) use this website as a playground for their subconscious. Not in the literal sense, but nevertheless this is a useful website when it comes to tournament play and meta analysis above all. 


Writers and Tags recommended:

  • Patrick Hoban– the language gets abstract and messy once in a while, but worth a read at the last. 
  • The Scoop– the yugioh news report space
  • Frazier Smith– another good read

There are many such authors on this website who provide food for thought every now and then. It takes time to get used to the erratic posting, but ensure you check in once in 2 days at the least. 

MKOHL40- Youtube Channel

Not much needs to be said about this youtube channel. Likely the most popular yugituber I’ve come across, Mkohl40 brings much needed honesty to this game of ours.  Being the scrubby player he is, gadgets are consistently portrated in decreasingly dignified light. Nevertheless, look to this website for spontaneous news updates and some solid consistency. 

Visit here:

TCG Player Articles

This website lacks the same finesse which is provided in other websites, but the writers put in the hard work necessary to maintain it. Solid commercialization is present as well. Home to many of the creative if not committed talents this game has seen, TCG Player Articles are worth it for those looking to stay away from mainstream trends. 


Top Deck Statistics

In essence, it measures the meta by looking at tournament tops in a fixed period of time. Useful. 


Statistic-Based Tier Listing

Found on pojo, these tier lists look to use statistics like those at top decks and convert them into tier lists. It doesn’t cover overall popularity though. 


Thats all for the list right now, although the chief is looking to update it as much as possible. ARG, MKOHL40 and Yugiold are by far the best reads/views that can be assimilated. TCG articles are nearly as good, although their prowess is questionable. Moderation, as always, is advisable. Yet for the most committed players who are not yet at the playtest-tournament cycle, feel free to drink this knowledge on a daily basis.