FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: Bargain Buys

Not everyone can afford the best players in the world on Ultimate Team

Hey guys, Chief Siddharth here. 

This article focuses on FIFA 15 for PS3 and XBOX 360, as well as PS4 and XBOX One

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the stage where all players can build their own team. The massive online market for players, the difficult of coin-making, the excitement of pack-opening and satisfaction at getting a good player make ultimate team not only the ultimate platform for all players, but a difficult one. The challenges faced by players to earn coins makes many quit too. Building a dream team is not a very simple job, and it requires time and effort.

But then, there are ways to accelerate your progress. Here are a few basic pointers:

  • Don’t rage quit matches. This will ensure your coin multiplier will stay up.
  • Play more.
  • Practice FIFA 15 in general to become a better player.
  • Try the FUT app. You can trade on the go, giving you a head start for players.
  • Bid as well as buy immediately, bids can get you cheap players, don’t write them off.
  • Shrewd business makes a difference. Sell your squad players who aren’t needed, and profit from packs too.
  • Team chemistry is vital to your team. Make no mistake in buying players who fit in, and don’t write it off.

There is of course one more way to accelerate your progress. That is, having good players. Good, cheap players. The right players can help you beat strong teams, and with minimum cost affiliated with them. Below are a select few players who’s cheap price but extreme stat should prove useful to all players. Hopefully these players speed up your progress on Ultimate Team.

Mathis Bolly

Key Stat: 97 Pace, fastest player in the game.

Use: Running past full backs, crossing to aerially adept strikers.

Mathis Bolly has 97 pace. 97 pace. This is no joke. Faster than any other player in the game, he can speed past almost anyone with the ball. A player of this speed can impact games, even if he is a bronze player. Try him early on, until you can buy a player better by ratings for his position, namely Theo Walcott. 

How to use him? If your unconventional and don’t care, then have a go at striker and try him on the counter. Otherwise just play him at right-mid, and cross to a tall striker or dribble in. 3 star skills are decent, and his weak foot is good too.

See for yourself

Sejad Salihovic

Key Ratings: 91 curve, 87 penalties, 90 free kick accuracy, 88 shot power, 87 long shots.

Use: As a center-attacking-mid, to take shots. Set piece taker (Corners, free kicks, penalties).

Struggling to get the penalty into the back of the net? Find your free kicks floating over the bar? Unable to capitalize on your corners? No need to fear, Sejad Salihovic is here. His crazy stats when it comes to shooting and crossing make him the ultimate set piece taker! Furthermore, his decent defensive ability makes him a cheap buy. A starting price of around 700 coins is no big deal really.

How to use him? Practice set-pieces regularly, then make him your set-piece taker. Play him at center-attacking-mid and take a few shots too. Cheap buy, good value.

What a goal, with his weak foot that too!

Sorry for the small picture guys.

Marvell Wynne

Key Ratings: 80 strength, 93 pace.

How to use: Play him at center back, his ability allows him to play it. The key is that his pace can probably beat most players on the ball, including players like Lionel Messi and Neymar.

Marvell Wynne is truly marvellous. Such pace, and strength are rare for center backs. His defensive ability is average, and his technical skills too. But such pace is worth the risk. Play a possession game, with no worries of the counter-attack. Try and modify his work rate to high defensive, low attacking and keep him as last man. No matter how fast players are, Marvell Wynne should get them!

Hopefully these three players help an ordinary team improve. I will have another post with 2-3 more wonder players. Want more? For the time being, try Emenike too, his strength and speed make him an ideal striker for all situations.

The post is short but stay tuned for more.