YOT Singapore: The Complete Guide

Hey guys, Chief Siddharth here. Today’s post is going to talk about the Yugioh Open Tournament in Singapore, how to prepare for it and some tips for those travelling to Singapore purely for the tournament. I also have a list of links to deck profiles for those looking to build specific decks for the YOT

All entrants get a free Nekroz playmate. Not too bad eh?

YOT Singapore will be taking place using the April 2015 OCG format. This means Nekroz and Qliphorts are out of the picture for sure, while Shaddolls won’t be too prominent.

Considering many people will not be too familiar with the top decks in Singapore, the list below is a brief summary of which decks you can expect to see.

Meta Decks

Atlanteans: The release of Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince has transformed this deck from wandering archetype to the meta in the OCG. This one card OTK machine has rendered the previously useless Atlanteans a force to be reckoned with. The strongest water deck in town, Atlanteans will probably be the most popular deck in the YTO.

Yang Zing: A quick look at the Crossed Souls releases in the OCG will explain this. Complete with new zefra pendulum cards, Yang Zing decks will be prominent as well. But it’s not the newfound pendulum mechanics that make this archetype so powerful, it’s the release of the new Yang Zing Chaofeng. For those who don’t know, this card neutralizes monsters of any attribute, depending on what synchro material monsters you use for it. Turn 1 Chaofeng= defeat for the opponent almost always. This deck often blurs the gap between meta and rogue, but I would say Chaofeng lets it cross the line this format.

Heroes: Masked Heroes won’t be as prominent as the dragon-stars and water lords, but Dark Law himself puts this deck on another level. The OCG also has Elemental Hero Blazeman, which is basically an errata’d stratos you could say. They also have access to Dark Law’s big brother (or little), Anki, who allows you to OTK even more often. Rogue? Nope, its the meta. For more information on heroes, click here

Infernoids: Rumor has it that Konami is trying to push this deck to the next level. While a three pronged meta is usually the case, the Atlanteans are more popular then the rest of the meta decks right now. Like the previous Qliphort-BA-Tellarknight-Shaddoll meta in the TCG, this format may as well see four meta decks.

  Popular Decks

Tellarknights: The one off Reinforcement of the Army means this deck is nowhere near the potential it reached in the TCG. However, the tellarknight xyzs on their own help this deck stay afloat, albeit barely. You will see a few. Having some light-imps handy may help later on.

Cyber Dragons: The new Cyber Dragons- Cyber Dragon Nova which is used to summon Cyber Dragon Infinity  have buffed up the deck. Summoning the latter is not a win condition, but usually ensures victory. Not the meta, but will be a popular deck for sure. Expect at least one match against this, but don’t side too heavily. The odd light-imp or too may help.

Trains?: Trains are a new archetype in the OCG, and this archetype has garnered a lot of popularity. The ability to run some imprisoning mirrors and deal thousands of damage with their massive xyzs makes them a mini-meta at most. They can run cards like shadow-imprisoning mirror, but siding for them is required at the bare minimum.

DDD- Different Dimension Devils: DDD decks are becoming increasingly popular, and revolve around pendulum summoning. The best archetype since Qliphorts to be able to utilize this mechanic properly, this deck performs OTKs at the flip of a coin. Their popularity has been growing exponentially, expect to see some of these decks at the YTO. Note: The price of some of these cards can potentially hamper some duelists. Scroll down further for more information on this deck in a deck profile. If you side shadow-imprisoning mirrors at 3, your safe in that way.

Shaddolls…: Kuribandit and mathematician are down to 1, while Construct itself is gone. This definitely hampers all Shaddoll builds. But then, a quick look at the decks above suggests that they all specials summon multiple times a turn, barring the super slow Yang Zing deck. Having Winda up at 3 could prove more than helpful, and the formerly sky-high prices have fallen a bit too. The fact that El Shaddoll Anomalilith didn’t really bring this deck back speaks volumes about the meta strength. Expect limited play.

Those are the decks expected to see some form of play, for TCG Players on a budget, I would recommend Heroes, while those willing to splash the cash should seriously look for Atlanteans.

Side Decking

Shadow and Light Imprisoning Mirrors, Stygian Dirges, royal decrees and the likes are necessary. Floodgates are great, but with skill drain down to 1 consider running breakthrough skills and fiendish chains in your side if not your main deck.

Can’t side any of the aforementioned cards? Click here for more generic cards to side.

Some players will surely be on a tight budget. Here’s a video for cheap side decking.

Singles and Packs in Singapore

Getting OCG cards used to be nearly impossible in Singapore. That was only before I discovered Full Yen Trading. This store houses the largest singles collection I’ve ever seen, with boxes filled with potentially all cards in the game. Some cards require a pretty penny to purchase, but market price is standard. Go to this store for a warm up local tournament, a good chat with the kind owner, or for all the singles you would ever want. They sell food too. Simply google ‘Full Yen Trading Singapore’ to find its location. For budget travelers, try the MRT system to reach this store, which is further away from the city. If your not cash strapped, enjoy a ride on the taxi.

Full Yen may have lots of singles, but they don’t have that large a collection of OCG packs. Thousand Taste Trading on the other hand, does. Their booster packs, structure decks and box collections are unrivaled in this utopian country. This place may have slightly cheaper singles too, albeit very few singles. The owner and judges are great too, and can help you improve your deck before the YOT.

Those are the major stores in Singapore, and I would say its worth going to both of them for your cards.

OCG Decks

Going rogue may be the way to go forward, while some may choose to go for a meta deck. Nevertheless, the OCG ban list has not affected many rogue decks that have seen play. Below is a list of deck profiles which could help you even more. I’ve added some changes which you may want to implement to the decks.


I wouldn’t implement many changes to the main deck, maybe a few tech choices and side decking should be changed only. Add one or two jar of avarices and instant fusions with elder god nodens for best results, although they’re expensive at times

Machina Gadgets:

Changes: Drop the myrmeleos, and cyberstein for toy knights. Drop the iron calls too, mind control and a couple other cards could help. If you have the cash to splash, add instant fusions and elder god nodens for the nature beast exterio and iron calls as well. Mirror forces are great in this swarm format, but tractrix trap hole nightmare is better, so that’s another change to add in.


Make a good extra deck, that’s about it.

DDD (Different Dimension Devils):

Instant fusions, more synchros as well as 3 of each DDD xyz, synchro and fusion monster are necessary. Edit the side deck as per the meta.

To make the guide more complete, I figured some of you may need places to eat in Singapore. I recommend the blog below to find good food, as it has reviews on various restaurants in Singapore:


Dig in to the older posts in the blog, they’re detailed and provide all the information required. KFC, McDonalds and other chains are always the norm, but these restaurants have finesse.

Thats about it for this post guys, hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions regarding the YOT, feel free to post it in the comments.