Yugioh: Tier Rankings For the July 2015 Format

Its that time of the Yugioh season again. A fresh start for some and a new challenge for others, the 3rd format of the year is now upon duelists worldwide.

Note: The release of this post was delayed by the inevitable ban list delay due to the World Championships.

Of course, don’t forget that tier rankings are based on both fact and opinion. One can only be so accurate and satisfy so many people. For more of these ‘disclaimers’ check out the first ever tier ranking here.

Some other notes:

  • Decks that topped or won events were bumped up. Just look at Ghostricks.
  • New support always helps, although a top is more credible in everyone’s eyes. Red-Eyes were pushed up by this.
  • Many decks have dropped down due to unfavorable changes to the meta-game.
  • The first tier rankings got a lot of productive reviews, and a lot of them have been integrated into this one. Not all concerns were addressed, but this tier list looks to be a more accurate reflection of the state of our meta-game.
  • There were 14 new archetypes introduced this time. Some are new archetypes that sprung into the spotlight due to (concrete) new support. Red-Eyes is an example. Others are older archetypes which are only being added in now (Yubel or Jester anyone?)
  • Tier 3 is by far the most competitive tier in terms of ‘peer pressure’ between decks. Tier 4 decks fight to enter tier 3, and it was difficult cutting the tier 3 deck count short. One has to maintain the credibility of the tier, after all. Nevertheless, making it out of tier 3 to tier 2 remains a tough job.

Here is the list:-

July 2015 Image

Disappointments on the list? Yang Zing and Heroes were expected to rise more than they did. Burning Abyss very nearly collapsed to the bottom of the tier, only to garner an unusual number of wins and tops late format. Of course, one of the few constants was that of Nekroz which managed to stay top. A little too monotonous on that front.

One final afterthought regarding the list- if one is looking to improve his/her deck’s ranking, a good start would be to bring out an innovative build. Then either top a regional or get the build popular. Popularity usually translates to success, and that is a great way to ensure a certain deck’s rise up the tier rankings.

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