Yugioh: Tier Rankings For the April 2015 FormatĀ 


Hey guys, Chief Siddharth here. The new format for April 2015 is finally here, and now it’s time to rank our scores of archetypes. This post is practically ‘part 2’ of my original prediction. A lot of the rankings have been based off the assumptions and facts stated in the previous post. If you haven’t read it click here. If not, there are some more factors that I’ve taken into account for this tier list.L

  • Nekroz still the deck to beat. Their ability to side nearly any card… including the chaos mirrors makes them powerful. Furthermore, they don’t need to normal summon. Nearly every card in the deck has multiple searchers. They even have their own walking Vanity’s Emptiness (Djinn Lock). Nekroz will remain the deck to beat.
  • Zefra support boosts respective archetypes. See for yourself. 
  • Chaofeng to boost Yang Zing. I’ve explained this in the last article, that Chaofeng will buff up a semi-powerful archetype. Yang Zing will surely be among the best.
  • Heroes to get many boosts too. Elemental Hero Blazeman, Masked Hero Anki, welcome to the TCG. The Heroes will make their serious comeback.
  • Shaddolls will come good, but won’t return to their untouchable status. El Shaddoll Anomalilith can surely spark a revival, but the extent of which remains shrouded in mystery.
  • U.A, BA will keep going. The TCG exclusive athletes are receiving more support, and will likely merit a few tops. Burning Abyss support should be enough to fend off any resistance from below too.
  • Infernoids Rise, Qlips fall. Infernoids will be the meta one day, and increasing support will ensure so. As for Qliphorts, they’re position on the list is due to the low amounts of play they are predicted to receive.
  • Volcanics cease to exist. They did well, but with Emptiness back to 1 Volcanics are all but dead again.

Remember, this list is my opinion and is based off previous YCS and Regional tops, ARG results, the new ban list, certain comparable trends in the OCG and common opinion. Other than pure mechanics, the tier list takes usage and popularity into account. If you have a valid reason to change the position of a deck within 2-3 weeks of the time of writing, changes will be implemented. Hope you enjoy the large compilation of archetypes. Without further ado, here is the list:

The Tier Rankings are at version 3.0, updated after ARG Detroit.

For those sithering in anger after seeing the list: comment with your major complaints, then take the rest with a pinch of salt. Opinion varies from person to person, and frankly there is no correct tier list. Even the wikia, which carries the knowledge of the Yugiworld, had to remove the tier rankings due to controversy. My list is an attempt to generalize things, not set the tone.

Some observations you must’ve made are explained:

  • Mind Crush’s popularity renders Exodia OTK decks nearly incompetent.
  • The limiting of Vanity’s Emptiness weakens Anti-Meta, Volcanics and Qliphorts.
  • Harpies lose their spot due to the weakening of Qliphorts. Their Qliphort matchup automatically improved their overall ranking. Not anymore. Same applies to Dark World.
  • ‘Skill Drain’ decks drop- Malefics are out of the picture completely.
  • Hieratic Rulers cease to exist now don’t they. Pure Hieratics maybe?
  • Lightsworn, Six Samurai and Sylvans get a boost. F/L changes make a big difference.
  • Naturia Beast decks improve- making Naturia Beast gives you an auto win against Nekroz, which explains why Six Samurai, Madolche and Naturia decks are slightly higher then they should be.
  • Lower tiers= less accuracy. This holds true, with the first 3-4 tiers being the most accurate representation of general opinion. Don’t take the lower tier rankings too seriously, apart from the fact that tier 7 and 8 decks are in those lists for a reason.

Hopefully this tier ranking makes you realize how many archetypes there are in Yugioh. I mentioned less than half. It also should give you an idea of which deck(s) you should build, and which decks you shouldn’t build.

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This also acts as a tribute to my favorite Yugiblogger, Yugiold. His rankings were among the last few complete lists, with no other lists meriting any complements for effort. Yugiold’s retirement left a void which I hope to fill… although that will never happen in it’s truest sense.

That’s it for this post guys, hope you enjoyed.