Pure Traptrix Deck April 2015


 Hey guys, Chief Siddharth here. As we move from format to format, there are some decks which don’t disappear. One of those decks was HAT. Hands (Floaters +Removal), Artifacts (Removal/Semi-Floaters)) and Traptrix (Card Advantage+ Backrow). HAT was a dream deck which got crushed in the January 2015 ban list, with the limiting of Artifact Moralltach. But then, Konami has given us the new Premium Gold 2: Return of the Bling pack. It contains reprints of all the Traptrix monsters, and may as well popularize a HAT-esque deck. In playtesting the deck churned out solid performances, and it reminded me of the good old days of anti-meta which was the meta. 

Remember, this deck is still limited in its mechanics. For all the hype, it can only be so good. Don’t expect a winning machine, but a rogue deck that can cause upsets. 

 Deck List

Note: The main deck monsters act as foil for the real game winners- the extra deck monsters. 


3 Traptrix Myrmeleo- The basis of the deck, really. A quick +1 when normal summoned or special summoned helps a lot, and it’s at the heart of the main deck’s play, always. Opening with this card and a handful of back-row is great.

3 Traptrix Dionaea– If Myrmeleo is Batman, Dionaea is Robin. Dionaea is an instant xyz when normal summoned (in most situations) while it allows you to recycle traps when it’s special summoned. Any combination revolving around Dionaea and Myrmeleo is a great one.

2 Traptrix Atrax– Atrax is a pretty underrated card. In a format which has plenty of mass monster removal, most players don’t bother to run more than the occasional Raigeki (including this duelist). Atrax is dangerous because your opponent can’t judge how many trap hole cards you have, and this card can help you play some ridiculous mind games with your opponent too. 3 would be too many though.

1 Traptrix Nepenthes– A tech choice, this monster can prove slightly situational. It’s effect isn’t the worst one, and it can start your swarm. This card is great on turn 2.

2 Lonefire Blossom- The monster count in this deck reaches a not very high 11. Lonefire Blossom can search you a Dionaea and Nepenthes with it’s effect, with the former’s effect proving pretty dangerous. 3 Lonefires would go out of hand, while 1 is simply not worth using. 

 Monster Count: 11 


3 Mystical Space Typhoons- Dropping this card to 2 or relocating it entirely to the side deck was a thought which came up during play testing. But back row could damage this deck when it actually goes off swarming, so the 3 typhoons stayed in the main. After all, MST is still an important card. 

3 Instant Fusions– Instant Fusion gives this deck direct access to Elder God Noden, which is basically an instant xyz. 3 of these is a must. Xyz plays define this deck, the weight on Noden’s shoulders is no small one. No card could substitute this one. 

1 Raigeki- Staple, comeback card, etc.

1 Mind Control– With 4 star toolbox monsters still showing up nowadays, mind control helps speed up the xyz plays. Side it out for certain matchups. 

1 Soul Charge- Great card, wins you games on it’s own. 

Spell Count: 9


3 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare- This card is wonderful against the current meta. You name it, this card stops it. Considering the fact that it’s a normal trap hole card, it fits the complete bill for the monsters too. 

3 Time-Space Trap Hole- This card is more versatile than the nightmare. It’s lifepoint cost is often minimal (except against pendulums) and it offers great protection. It’s a trap hole card too. 

3 Quantum Cat- We only have room for a certain amount of special summoning. Quantum Cat ‘breaks the barrier.’ Apart from giving access to more rank 4s, this card is handy as backrow bait. 

3 Mirror Force- The surprise factor remains with this card, although it’s probably ebbing away as I type this sentence. Mass removal is great, and anything that gets through our swarm of trap holes probably needs a non-targetting form of removal too. 

2 Void Trap Hole- Trish, JD and the likes get crushed by this card. Another trap hole card. 

2 Fiendish Chain- This card prevents attacks and can hit normal summoned monsters too, which is something our trap holes can’t do. Beats breakthrough skill simply because of the former. 

1 Bottomless Trap Hole- The king of the trap holes himself, this card is sadly still at 1. Takes care of Qlips in stellar fashion, and is the first Myrmeleo search target in most cases. 

1 Compulsory Evacuation Device- Staple, and does it’s job at 1. 

1 Torrential Tribute- Mass removal, it works well in times of need. 

1 Vanity’s Emptiness- 1 is less, but i s necessary. 

20 Traps

While the monster count pales in comparison to that of spells and traps, its worth noting that the 

Extra Deck

3 Elder God NodenMakes this deck viable and is the best possible support you could ask for the Traptrix engine.

1 Stellarknight DelterosIts a generic card, and it lets you take out one card a turn. But tht’s not the reason for its inclusion- read ahead.

1 Constellarknight Diamond- Once you know your facing darks, simply try and go into this card. Delteros gives this deck the ability to do so, and its an insant win in many cases, particularly against Shaddolls. 

1 Abyss Dweller- May not be needed against many matchups, but the potential Yang Zing matchup itself makes me use this card. Staple nevertheless. 

1 Number 39: Utopia- Utopia can prove a life saver at times. The rogue matchups tend to leave you short on ideas early in the game, utopia is a good bet. 

1 Lavalval Chain: Another card that this deck may not need, but it’s level of rank 4 spamming means it can accommodate it. 

1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight: Game changer, albeit very situational. Bu this deck accesses this card pretty easily, so why not?

1 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon- Big beater. 

1 Castel The Skyblaster Musketeer- Staple

1 Number 101: Silent Honor Ark: Staple

1 Number 103: Ragnazero: Great for the qliphort matchup, which is apparently still important. 

1 Blackship of Corn: This card helps finish games prematurely. 

1 Daigusto Emeral: Recycling. 

That’s basically the deck. 


Opening with myrmeleo is nice, but the backrow of this deck lets you stall for long enough. Lonefire gives you acess to Dionia more often and instant fusions give this deck nice swarming traits. Quantum Cat and COTH are supporters in that act. It functions like an anti-meta deck, treat it that way. 

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  1. Bernie · April 14, 2015

    If you made this for TCG the why did you put Noden in this?


    • Siddharth · April 14, 2015

      According to some sources its releasing in the TCG


      • Fiimun · September 1, 2015

        Confirmed for November!! Stellar deck btw. Built it irl with some changes, namely replacing 3x Noden with Cowboy, a second Rebellion Dragon, and a second Utopia, then switched out the Instant Fusions out for 2x Trap Hole (great for preventing your opponent’s rank 4 toolboxes) and another Void TH. Haven’t been topping my locals with it, but I’ve gotten damn close.


        • Siddharth · September 1, 2015

          Nice to hear that you’ve had success with it. Pure traptrix is like another form of anti-meta, and is a fun strategy to use. I never play tested this deck in reality but there’s no doubt that it has this untapped potential.


          • Fiimun · September 1, 2015

            If I could run it with Noden I would. We’ve got some good rank 4 potential with Lonefire and Dionaea (that’s the one that specials a Traptrix from grave, right?) so I agree with the triple Noden. But alas, until then, more backrow never hurts; the way I see it, if we’re going hard with this backrow, we’re gonna go HARD. More staple XYZs never hurt either.


  2. Arjun · March 27, 2016

    Add giant rat(s)and millennium shield it helps as a stall. Adding a few good earth effect monsters as well can unleash an even meaner beat down…


  3. candi · September 26, 2016

    Number 39: Utopia requires two level 6 monsters, but all of the main deck monsters are 4 or below? How does summoning this guy work?


    • candi · September 26, 2016

      I was looking at Utopia Beyond, normal Utopia only takes 4s. That makes more sense.


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